Boy Scout Troop 407 is located in Claremont, California and meets at the Claremont United Church of Christ, Congregational. Troop 407 was established in 1959 and has maintained a reputation of excellence through active, multi-faceted program and adherence to Scouting ideals. 

We meet each Tuesday night upstairs in the CUCC Guildhall at 233 Harrison Avenue.  Our meetings start promptly at 7:30pm and finish up at 9:00pm.  Please come visit us.  We have a great time! 

Troop 407 goes camping at least one weekend every month.  The scouts in the Troop decide on the outings each year, but we tend to have quite a variety.  We go camping in the mountains, at the beach, in the desert.  Sometimes we car camp and sometimes we backpack.  We go water skiing and snow skiing, rock climbing and canoeing. 

We also schedule a day or evening activity one other weekend each month.  These include such activities as day hikes, bowling, cycling treks, broom hockey, barbeques, and laser tag.

Leadership and personal growth are emphasized as well as having lots of fun.  The Troop operates under youth leadership with adults acting as advisors.

Like our sponsoring congregation, Troop 407 is open and affirming and all families are invited to participate equally in our program.

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